CORNERSTONE ESTATES is proudly associated with the Glory Hills area in Parkland County. Reading about all the histories of the originating families brings home past values, past heart felt values.

When making your decision on which grand acreage to build your home, please view our quiet and comfortable choices. Treed and lake view, we have it! Open and ready to landscape, we have it! And everything in between.

With 33% of our acreages sold and with three new new homes starting this year, we here at CORNERSTONE continue to offer value.

May we add, our 2019 incentives are one of a kind. For this year, perhaps you could be one of the two that we will offer assistance in building! And perhaps you would appreciate a gifted Log Cabin to use as a Nanny Suite or a Man’s Cave.

Call me for particulars.

Lloyd Culham

780 975 1515